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Our vision

At Nextlayer we are passionate about turning content we consume into learning opportunities, and learning opportunities into long lasting wisdom. It's time that learning got an upgrade.

Starting with audio through podcasts we are championing human progress and transformation through informal learning and personal knowledge growth. Our platform takes content that we consume everyday and supercharges it through annotation, personal articulation, post capture review and contextual resurfacing. All the while people build personal layers of learning, knowledge, insight and wisdom. These layers are interspersed with original content and even insights from their wider shared knowledge networks.

Learning needs an upgrade to support the modern mobile professional. We don't have time to sit on a course for 3 days or even devote hours to online learning programs. We need to learn on the go and turn all the content we consume into learning and personal growth.

Meet the Nextlayer team

We are small right now but we have a wealth of experience between us

Photo of Horace Ho

Horace Ho

CEO and Founder

Photo of Stuart Eggleston

Stuart Eggleston

Head of Product

Photo of Lee Dowthwaite

Lee Dowthwaite

Lead Developer

Photo of David Thring

David Thring

General Manager

Introducing Sparks

The new way to learn from podcasts

Sparks is a new podcast app that helps you learn, retain and apply knowledge from your listening.

With Sparks you can follow all your favourite podcasts and listen to new and past episodes. But Sparks is different in helping you capture Sparks of thought whilst listening. We all wish we could remember things we heard on that podcast episode last week. Just add a Spark to capture that thought or inspiration, it's tagged to the podcast episode so you can always find the context again. A whole load of bookmarks and notes on podcasts is not enough on its own. Sparks helps you review and organise your Sparks so you can absorb, retain and apply the learning to keep learning and growing in your knowledge.

Get more info on the Sparks app website.


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